Family Style Beach Picnic Cooking Class w/ Nourish CT

Please join us for a fun & informative cooking class w/ Liz Bechtold of Nourish CT! We will work together with Liz's guidance to prepare a family style meal perfect for a summer beach picnic or backyard BBQ.

Date: May 11, 2023

Time: 7 PM (class will run approximately 2.5 hours and include food + drink)

Location: Liz's House, 540 Hulls Farm Road, Southport CT

Liz Bechtold is a local wife and mom to two children. When her daughter Lane was born, Lane was covered in head-to-toe eczema and had multiple life-threatening food allergies. Liz left her job as a former English teacher to bring her daughter to her multiple allergy and doctor appointments around the tri-state area. Despite seeing some of the top allergy doctors in the country, no one could answer why Lane had anaphylactic food allergies as a baby or resolve her eczema. Liz turned to holistic interventions, and it was here, she found the answers she was looking for. By changing her family's diet to a nutrient-dense, microbiome-restorative diet and working with incredible holistic practitioners, Liz healed her daughter's body, resolving all of the eczema and reversing her food allergies.

Liz returned to school and completed the nutrition health coaching program at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to combine her two passions: cooking and teaching. Her cooking method focuses on using seasonal, nutrient-dense foods that taste amazing and nourish the body. Nourish CT now helps families make healthier, more informed choices to help parents encourage their children to love and enjoy nourishing foods that lay the foundation for a healthy life.